Membership forms

Joining the Fund is easy! Simply read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement then complete the Membership Application Form and send it to the Fund Office. For you to become a member in the Fund, your employer must be in the meat industry and have agreed in writing to participate in the Fund.

New Member Application

Membership Application & Nomination of Dependants Form

Spouse Application Form

Membership Application Form - Pension Section

Member Investment Choice Form

Transfer Authority

If you want to roll money from another fund into MIESF, just complete this form and send it to the Fund Office. We’ll arrange the rest for you.

Superannuation Transfer Authority

Member Change Form

If you need to update any of your personal details or change who you nominate to receive your death benefit, complete this form and send it to the Fund Office.

Change of Details and Nomination of Dependants Form

If you wish to opt-out of your insurance cover with MIESF, please complete the member opt-out form and send it to the Fund Office.

Please note, if you wish to opt-out of insurance cover you are unable to reinstate the cover in future.

Nomination of MIESF as my Choice of Fund

If you would like your employer to pay your super contributions to MIESF, please complete the Nomination of MIESF as my Choice of Fund Form and return it to your employer.

Direct Debit Form

If you want to have personal after-tax contributions deducted directly from your bank account, complete both of these forms and send them to the Fund Office.

Direct Debit Authority

Direct Debit & Voluntary Contributions Form

Tax Deductions for Personal Contributions to Super

If you want to claim a tax deduction for your personal contributions made to MIESF, please refer to the document below.

More Access to Tax Deductions

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