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Enquiries and Complaints Service

The Trustee provides an enquiry and complaints procedure for members. Through this service, you may make a general enquiry about your superannuation benefits or the operation of the Fund as it affects you, or make a complaint if you are dissatisfied about some aspect of your membership or benefits.

To make an enquiry or complaint, you should contact the Fund.

The Trustee prefers that all complaints and complex enquiries be in writing, so that the exact nature of your concern is clear. However, you may make an enquiry or complaint by letter, telephone, email or in person.

Under Government legislation, the Trustee must respond to your complaint within a prescribed timeframe (currently 90 days, but for complaints from 5 October 2021, 45 days).

For further information, please refer to the Fund’s Internal Dispute Resolution Policy.

Australian Financial Complaints Authority

The Trustee will endeavour to resolve all complaints through the Fund’s internal dispute resolution procedure. You may be able to lodge your complaint with the independent Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) established by the Federal Government. However, AFCA will generally not deal with your complaint unless it hasn’t been dealt with satisfactorily, or within the required timeframe by the Trustee’s complaints procedure.

The AFCA has been set up to consider complaints from consumers and small businesses about financial services as well as superannuation related complaints by members, former members and their beneficiaries. If you lodge a complaint directly to the AFCA and your complaint has not gone through MIESF’s internal dispute resolution procedure, your complaint is likely to be referred back to MIESF to provide us with the opportunity to resolve your complaint.

If your complaint is of a type that can be dealt with by the AFCA, after collecting relevant information and obtaining submissions from all parties to the complaint, the AFCA may choose to provide parties with a preliminary assessment, which will provide a recommendation as to how the complaint should be resolved. If this is not successful, the AFCA will make a binding determination.

There are some time limits for lodging certain complaints. This includes complaints about the payment of a death benefit, which you must lodge with the AFCA within 28 days of being given our written decision. Other limits may apply.

For more information, you can call:

  • MIESF on 1800 252 099 or (03) 9662 3861
  • Australian Financial Complaints Authority on 1800 931 678

Contact details for AFCA are as follows: