The Meat Industry Employees’ Superannuation Fund is an accumulation fund which was established over 30 years ago. It operates Australia wide as a multi employer fund, providing superannuation for people working in the meat industry. We accept Superannuation Guarantee contributions and salary sacrifice contributions from over 2,250 employers Australia wide.

When a member of the Fund changes jobs he or she may be able to request their new employer to enter into a “Participating Employer” agreement with the Fund.

How do I Become a Participating Employer?

To get started simply complete the Participating Employer Application Form or call the Fund Office on 1800 252 099 for further information. Please note, the Participating Employer Application Form has two (2) pages, and both pages of the form need to be completed before your application can be considered by the Trustee of MIESF.

Provided the Trustee accepts your application, your company can contribute to MIESF for that employee. Please note that MIESF is MySuper Authorised 17317520544110.


There are a number of ways to pay your contributions to MIESF.

1) MIESF SuperChoice

Our convenient MIESF SuperChoice service enables you to send contributions directly to our bank account.

To register for MIESF SuperChoice please fill in the Superchoice PDS and return to

Meat Industry Employees’ Superannuation Fund
2nd Floor, 62 Lygon Street

or a scanned copy to

Upon receipt of the required paperwork we will send you a User Guide and login.

2) Small Business Superannuation Clearing House (for employers with less than 20 employees)

The Australian Government offers a free online clearing house service to small businesses with 19 or fewer employees. The Small Business Superannuation Clearing House (the Clearing House) is designed to reduce red tape and compliance costs for small businesses when meeting their Superannuation Guarantee obligations. As part of these obligations, businesses may need to make superannuation contributions to numerous superannuation funds. This process can be time consuming and result in increased administrative costs.

What does the Clearing House do?

The Clearing House, administered by the Department of Human Services, lets you pay your superannuation contributions to a single location.

You register your employees’ superannuation fund details and superannuation contribution amounts with the Clearing House for processing. The Clearing House then distributes the superannuation contributions to the relevant superannuation funds.

How do I register to use the Clearing House?

  1. Go to the Small Business Superannuation Clearing House and register your business details. You can register your small business online. Please have your ABN and your email address ready in order to register. A user ID and link to set-up your password will be emailed to you. Once you receive these details, logon to the Clearing House to finalise your registration.
  2. Enter the details for each of your employees. Completing these details will take approximately three minutes for each employee and only needs to be done once. The details will then be pre-populated each time a contribution is made.
    The contribution amounts of each employee are entered and submitted to the Clearing House.

Alternatively, call the Fund office on 1800 252 099 to make an individual arrangement.

Further information on the Fund’s benefits and features can be found in the PDS.

Click to download a copy of the Fund’s compliance letter.